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This Device Promises Drug-Free Pain Relief
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This pain relief wearable can cure you without meds

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Tech devices to treat chronic pain could curb opioid use

30 Hot Products at CES 2017

30 Cutting-Edge Products On The CES Unveiled Show Floor

Here are 8 MIT Alumni Companies at CES This Year

CES 2017 Highlighted by Helpful Robots, Smart Hairbrushes, Flying Cameras
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Entrepreneur of the Week: Shai Gozani, MD, PhD, NeuroMetrix
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Quell Relieves Back Pain Without Medication
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The Medicine-Free Pain Relieving Device
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100% Natural Pain Relief: Quell Pain Relief Technology
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Can Arianna Huffington do for consumer wellness what she did for online news?

Can a 'smart' pain management system be alternative to opioids for chronic pain?

Wearable Pain Relief Device, Quell, to Be Tested with Fibromyalgia Patients
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Quell: My Favorite Tool for Reducing Fibromyalgia Pain
National Pain Report

BRIEF-Neurometrix- in talks for partnerships for quell wearable pain relief technology

NeuroMetrix’s Quell Health Cloud Has Collected Over 1 Million Hours of Therapy, Health Data
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NeuroMetrix Reports 1 Million Hours of Data on Chronic Pain Patients Using Quell Therapy
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Wearables: When “Too Good to Be True” Is No Longer True
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Pain and Sleep: Exploring the Bidirectional Connection
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NeuroMetrix Reports Peer-Reviewed Publication of Initial Quell Study
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Can a Wearable Help Cancer Patients Manage Their Pain?
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Quell Wearable Pain Relief Review

Easing the Pain: Meet the Wearables Tackling Pain Relief

Review of the Quell Wearable Pain Relief Device

To Fight Chronic Pain, Wear This Under Your Clothes

Where Are Wearables Heading?
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Quell – When You Want To Get TENS
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Quell Saved my Life: Two Chronic Pain Success Stories
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The Quell is Pain Relief You Can Wear

From ‘Wearables to Ther-ables’
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Review: Can This Wearable Device Really Zap Away Chronic Pain?

Premera to Offer Employees Wearable Pain Relief Technology it found at CES
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Five Innovations from SXSW 2016 That Ontario Needs Right Now

3 Gadgets that Could Erase Your Joint Pain
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Pain-Relieving Wearable, Gene Editing Software Win Awards at SXSW 2016
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Target to Sell NeuroMetrix Pain-relief Device
The Boston Globe

Quell Pain Relief Wearable a Winner at SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards
Drug Store News

NeuroMetrix (NURO) Says Quell Available at Target Starting in April
The Street Insider

Quell – Wearable Drug Free Pain Relief Technology
Supplement Police

Quell Relief Wearable Pain Relief provides 100% drug-free pain relief.
Mac Sources

Top 3 Most Recent Stress and Pain Relief Gadgets

12 Seriously Cool Products From CES 2016
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Medgadget @ CES 2016 Recap: Sensors Upon Sensors

CES: A Curated Collection of Weird
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5 Awesome Wearables That Aren't Smartwatches
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Cool Digital Health Gadgets from CES 2016
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Medical Wearable Quells Chronic Pain
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Neurometrix gets FDA clearance for smartphone-controlled Quell device

Quell Pain Relief 100% Drug Free
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Wearable Devices Move Toward Disease Treatment
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Quell, A New Treatment for Neuropathy without Drugs
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Sleep and Pain at the Consumer Electronics Show
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9 Agency Execs Share Their Biggest Takeaways From CES

The Five Best Things We Saw At CES

NeuroMetrix Quell: What Did People with Chronic Neuropathy Pain Say About the New Pain Relief Device?

The 7 Most Intriguing Products We Saw at CES
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10 Smart Medical Devices That Are Changing HealthCare 2016

New technology puts health care in palm of your hand
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The Five Most Disruptive Innovations at CES 2016

Tech Heavy Pain Relief That's Drug Free!

Quell Wearable Might Deliver Chronic Pain Relief Without Drugs
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Tech Gets a Little More Senior Friendly at CES 2016
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¿Son los wearables un asunto de salud, de moda o de ambas cosas?
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Tech Guide’s look at the top health, beauty and fitness gadgets at CES
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FDA Approves Upgrade to Quell, a Dongle That Zaps Away Pain
The Boston Globe

Upgraded Wearable Pain Relief Device Cleared by FDA
Pain Medicine News

Multi-Billion Dollar Wearables Tech Sector is the Star of CES 2016
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Quell uses smart tech to offer drug-free relief of chronic pain
Clark Howard

FDA Grants 510(k) Clearance for Chronic Pain Relief Technology
Clinical Pain Advisor

11 Interesting Health and Fitness Gadgets to Know From CES 2016
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The Consumer Health Electronics Show – Putting People at the Center
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This FDA-Approved Wearable Says It Relieves Chronic Pain Without Any Drugs

Mind Blowing Gadgets That You Would Love to Own!

11 Interesting Health and Fitness Gadgets to Know From CES 2016

NeuroMetrix Announces FDA Clearance For Upgraded Version of Quell, Shares Surge

A Who's Who of MIT Companies Presenting at CES

Skip a Pill, Wear This Instead for Pain Relief [CES 2016]

NeuroMetrix (NURO) Recieves 510(k) Clearance for Next-Gen Quell Wearable Pain Relief Technology

The Connected Drunk, and More: 6 Tech Trends Coming Out of CES Unveiled

The Wearable That Promises to Ease Your Chronic Pain

Quell Makes Top 10 in CES' Last Gadget Standing Event
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What to Expect From One of the World’s Biggest Technology Events, CES
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New Technology Puts Health Care in Palm of Your Hand

IDEO Helps Design a Wearable to Treat Chronic Pain
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Quelling My Pain
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Top 10 Healthcare Predictions For 2016

A Drug-Free Alternative to Chronic Pain Relief

The Five Most Innovative Technologies at Connected Health Symposium 2015
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With an Influx of Startups, CES Trying to Not Be the Same Old Show

CES 2016 Sneak Peek: 9 Cool Gadgets

CES Unveiled From New York – Part 2
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APMA endorses Quell wearable pain device
Drug Store News

Quell Device A Pill-Free Way to Manage Pain
CBS Chicago

New Device Claims to Ease Pain Without Pills, Surgery
KDKA Pittsburgh

New Wearable Technology Promises Drug-Free Pain Relief
CBS Miami

See Quell Highlighted in a Case Study From Our App Developer Partner
Atomic Object

Drug-free Relief for Chronic Pain Sufferers, Thanks to a Wearable Device and Its App
Rapid Growth

Wearable Pain Relief
CBS New York

Wearable Technology May Now Offer Pain Relief Without Medication
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FDA Approves Device to Treat Chronic Pail Without Pills

New Wearable Technology Promises Drug-Free Pain Relief
CBS Boston

Health: Device Promises Wearable Pain Relief
CBS Philly

NeuroMetrix Launches App for Quell Wearable Pain Relief
Android Headlines

New Device Claims It Can Relieve Chronic Pain
Good Morning America

Wearable Nerve Stimulator Improves Chronic Pain

New Wearable Devices for Chronic Pain
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Quell Device for Chronic Pain
WCIU - The U

Managing Chronic Pain
WTSP - News10

Ten Top Health Tech Innovations (Page 61)
BL Magazine

In RLS Patients, NeuroMetrix Reports Positive Pilot Data for its Wearable Pain Relief Technology
Sleep Review

Dr. Natalie Strand - Managing Chronic Pain

Tips for Managing Chronic Pain
KGUN9 - The Morning Blend

Quell Device Relieves Variety of Pain Conditions
Pain News Network

NeuroMetrix Touts Quell Study Data

NeuroMetrix Reports Positive Preliminary Results on Quell Wearable Pain Relief Device for Chronic Pain
Fibromyalgia News Today

Quell, is it?
The Pain Community

Research Says Quell Zaps Pain
The Boston Globe

Hands-On with Quell Wearable Pain Relief Device

Wearable pain relief device set to hit store shelves due to distribution alliance
Fierce Medical Devices

Check out My Review of the Quell - Wearable Pain Relief

Oh, joy. NeuroMetrix's Forthcoming App May Require FDA Approval

Wear, Tear & Care: The Quell Pain Relief Device
Pain News Network

Quell Wearable Pain Relief Technology

Quell Wearable Device: A New Treatment For Chronic Pain
Diabetes Daily

Thoughts on the Quell Pain Relief Device
Wear, Tear & Care

Tecnología al día para las personas de la tercera edad
Un Nuevo Dia

Got Neuropathy? Quell Offers "World's First Pain Relief Wearable"

The Top Ten Innovations in Podiatry
Podiatry Today

Quell Wearable Device - An Impressive Advance for Treating Chronic Pain

Tech Spotting at the ADA Scientific Sessions 2015

Check Out My Review of the Quell - Wearable Pain Relief
About Health

Top 5 Wearable Tech (2015)
First Run

NeuroMetrix Begins Shipping Quell Device
FDA News

Wearable Device for Fibromyalgia, Back Pain and Diabetic Nerve Pain Comes with iOS App
National Pain Report

Local Company Develops Device to Treat Chronic Pain
Boston Magazine

This Wearable Offers Side Effect-free Relief for Chronic Pain

This Wearable Fights Chronic Pain - Without Drugs
Fast Company

Quell featured on Chronicle: "NextGen: Home Protection and Pain Relief"
ABC Boston - Chronicle

Quell Gets a Leg Up on Pain-relieving Wearables

The World's First Pain Relief Wearable is Available for Preorder

NeuroMetrix Sells Pain Relief Patch Through Crowdfunding Site
The Boston Globe

Is Your Dream Worth Realizing? A Checklist
The CrowdFundamentals

Wearables: Fad or the Future?
MedTechWorld MDDI - February 2015 Issue

Wearable Tech Makes Inroads; Attire's Smart Leap
Investor's Business Daily

Nervous System: Facts, Functions, and Diseases

More About Quell, NeuroMetrix's Smartphone-Connected Neurostimulator

Podcast Interview with Dr. Shai Gozani at CES 2015 on Quell
Tech Podcast Network TV (TPN.TV)

Quell From NeuroMetrix Offers Pain Relief to Chronic Pain Sufferers
Tech Podcast Network

Treating Pain with Pulses, Not Drugs
The Boston Globe

Quell Wearable Pain Relief Device Stimulates Nerves and Blocks Pain
Technology Tell

Quell All Set to Eliminate Chronic Pain

The Five Most Disruptive Innovations at CES 2015

NeuroMetrix Opens New Clean Manufacturing Facility in Woburn

Forecasting the Latest Health Tech Trends at CES 2015

Wearables Emerge in Big Way at CES
Top Tech News

And Finally: Apple Watch on Sales at CES 2015 and More…

This Wearable Relieves Chronic Pain Without Drugs

Top Health and Fitness Tech from CES 2015

The Big Trends of CES 2015

Smart Products Stand Out at CES 2015
The Boston Globe

NeuroMetrix Launches Chronic Pain Relief Device at CES
Drugstore News

CES 2015: The Coolest Gadgets We Saw
Tech Page One

Wearables Beyond Fitness Trackers: Notable Launches at #CES2015
Silicon Angle

Could Wearable Quell Provide Pain Relief?
WXYZ News (Detroit)

CES 2015: Quell Promises Pain Relief with New FDA-Approved Gadget
Tech Times

Here’s the Innovative CES Tech You Almost Missed

Lamborghini Has a Tough Cell with New $6K Phone
New York Post

CES 2015: Top 7 Wearable Gadgets You Should Check Out Righ Now

Quirky Gadgets Get Time in Spotlight at Annual Electronics Show

Quell Wearable Manages Pain by Using Brain Opiates

Quell Smart Wearable to Treat Chronic Pain

High-Tech Wearables a Big Hit at Vegas’ Consumer Electronic Show CES
The Epoch Times

Introducing the Best of CES 2015 Finalists!

Make Chronic Pains Go Away With Quell Wearable
WT Vox

Quell Wearable Promises to Relieve Your Chronic Pains

CES 2015: Quell Offers Wearable Pain Relief Without Medication

Quell is an FDA-Approved Wearable Designed to Relieve Chronic Pain

Digital Health LIVE CES WebMD Lounge Interview with Dr. Shai Gozani
Digital Health Summit LIVE

Quell Hacks Your Brain to Relieve Chronic Pain

Quell Wearable Relieves Chronic Pain
Cool Wearable

NeuroMetrix Promises Fibromyalgia Pain Relief With Quell at CES

Take Our Tour of the Hottest Tech at CES 2015

The Next Wave of Wearable Tech Unveiled at CES
TWC Central

Quell is a Wearable Pain Manager that Stimulates Your Brain's Natural Opiates
Wearable Technology

CES Dispatches: Pain-Relieving Device for Diabetic Neuropathy
Diabetes Self-Management

CES 2015: The Innovative, the Odd and the Ugly

CES Kicks Off With a Smart Belt, Face-Recognition Cameras and Other Crazy Gadgets

Quell is a Wearable Pain Manager That Stimulates Your Brain's Natural Opiates
PC World

Wearable Tech Announced at CES Unveiled (in Pictures)
We Are Wearables

Shocking Wearable Could Quell Your Chronic Pain
Cult of Mac

Health Devices Take the Stage at Consumer Electronics Show

CES is Just Starting, and Here Are the Wildest Gadgets Announced So Far

The Quantified Self May Have Matured
All Analytics

CES 2015: Six Cool New Wearable Tech Devices

25 Hot Products at CES 2015

"Boston Business Journal Report: Wearable Chronic Pain Relief" Interview with Don Seiffert
New England Cable News (NECN)

Quell Smartphone Controlled Pain-Relieving Neurostimulator

NeuroMetrix unveils over-the-counter pain product as it opens new Woburn site
Boston Business Journal

Have Diabetes? Desperate to Relieve de Pain of de Feet? Check This Out

A ConSENSUS: How Some Diabetes Patients Rest with Relief from PDN

Discreetly Alleviating Diabetes Pain in Feet & Legs

Technology to Improve Treatment of Diabetic Complications
Physicians News Digest

"Two Novel Devices for Diabetes" Podcast Interview - Episode 6

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS) for Pain Management
Diabetes in Control

Wearable Diabetes Pain Management device cleared by FDA

Giving Users the 'Nerve' to Combat Diabetes Pain

Is Painful Diabetic Neuropathy Hurting Your Sleep?

Device Uses Nerve Stimulation to Ease Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Pain
Diabetes Health

NeuroMetrix Receives FDA OK for OTC Use of Its Wearable Chronic Pain Gadget

NeuroMetrix Pain Management Technology Cleared for OTC Use by FDA

With Consumer Product, ​NeuroMetrix CEO Says He'll Need to Open a New Facility
Boston Business Journal

NeuroMetrix Gains on FDA Clearance of Over-the-Counter Wearable Chronic Pain Device

NeuroMetrix Shares Spike Following Over-the-Counter Approval for Leg Device
Boston Business Journal

NeuroMetrix Gets Clearance to Market an Over-the-Counter Pain Management Device
The Boston Globe

Fewer Pins and Needles: a Wearable Treatment for Painful Diabetic Neuropathy
DGI Wire

NeuroMetrix Shares Jump as Diabetes Complication Test is Approved in Japan
Boston Business Journal

CEO Dads Manage With Top Strategy at Work and Home
Investor's Business Daily

Pain Relief for Diabetes Patients with Nerve Damage
DGI Wire

Interview with Dr. Shai Gozani on Diabetic Neuropathy
WOCA-AM The Source Radio - "Health Matters"

Getting a Leg Up on Painful Diabetic Neuropathy with Proper Foot Care
DGI Wire

NeuroMetrix's Partner Starts Diagnostic Product Awareness Campaign in Japan
Boston Business Journal

NeuroMetrix Begins Marketing Launch of a Diabetes Diagnostic Product in Japan
The Boston Globe

Wearable Bedtime Device Can Reduce Diabetes Pain
DGI Wire

Waltham-based NeuroMetrix Rolls Out Thinner Device to Treat Chronic Leg Pain
Boston Business Journal

When Diabetes Causes More Than Physical Discomfort
DGI Wire

Painful Diabetic Neuropathy: 5 Things to Know
DGI Wire

Better Pain Management for Diabetes Patients with Chronic Foot Pain
DGI Wire

Painful Diabetic Neuropathy: Another Option for Patients
Western Pennsylvania Healthcare News

TuDiabetes Live Interview with Dr. Shai Gozani

Managing Painful Diabetic Neuropathy
Physician's Weekly

Diabetic Neuropathy; Knowledge is Power

Stand Up to Leg Pain
Better Homes & Gardens - Diabetic Living

Pain Management for Diabetics: New System May Bring Needed Relief

SENSUS A Treatment for DPN
Diabetes in Control

Wearable Device Treats Pain of Diabetes-Caused Nerve Damage
Design News

Exercising Safely with Diabetic Neuropathy While Controlling the Pain

What 'Smart Fabrics' Mean for the Future of Health

Interview with Dr. Shai Gozani on the SENSUS Pain Management System
Allie's Voice About Diabetes

Radio Interview on "Your Family's Health" with Dr. Shai Gozani
Radio Station 90.3FM (NY area)

Returning Life to Normal for those with Painful Diabetic Neuropathy
Bloomberg Businessweek

SENSUS Listed as One of the "Tools of the Trade 2013"
Diabetes Self Management

Relieving Pain for Diabetes Patients with Neuropathy
The New York Times

Diabetes and healthcare startups, take this CEO’s three pro tips on device design

A drug-free solution to diabetic neuropathy? An interview with Dr. Shai Gozani

Device Design: Wearable Diabetic Neuropathy Pain Management System Strives for Symplicity

Rest for the Weary: Pain Relief for Diabetics with Painful Neuropathy

Questions to Ask your Doctor About Diabetes and Pain
Scoop San Diego

On the Move: Personnel Changes at Local Life Sciences Companies
Boston Business Journal

Good Vibrations: A New Approach to Treating Neuropathy

Pain Relief Device Now Approved For Overnight Use

Zapping Diabetic Nerve Pain with Electrical Stimulator You Can Wear Day and Night - Inside the Hive

NeuroMetrix Announces Distribution Agreement with OneSource Medical Group for SENSUS Pain Management Device Video News

Dr. Kenneth Snow Interview, Diabetic Neuropathy and My A1c
Blogging Diabetes Podcast - (BDP 061)

Diagnosis, Treat and Manage Diabetes with NeuroMetrix - Interview with Dr. Kenneth Snow
ehealth radio network

SectorWatch Report Featuring NeuroMetrix

NeuroMetrix Gets FDA Approval to Market its SENSUS Pain Management device in the US

SENSUS Pain Management Device Approved By FDA

FDA Clears NeuroMetrix SENSUS Pain Management System
MDBR, Medical Devices Business Review

NeuroMetrix Receives 510(k) Clearance for SENSUS™ Pain Management Device
Fierce Biotech

Diabetes: NeuroMetrix Jumps on FDA Nod for Pain Management System

Medical Devices for Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy: an Interview with Dr. Shai Gozani, CEO of NeuroMetrix

Investment Strategies For The Acceleration Of Diabetes Rates

NeuroMetrix Focuses on Diabetes-related Nerve Damage

Interview with Shai N. Gozani, M.D., Ph.D.
GLX TV, a financial news network